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Members from Co. 14, Co. 16

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Do you have what it takes?

Operational & administrative opportunities are available for volunteers of all backgrounds and skillsets.

Yard Party 2018

Auxiliary Member

Auxiliary members are primarily involved in community outreach, business management and fundraising activities.
These members provide essential support services for the volunteer stations. People with skills in fundraising, community education, and business/personnel management are especially needed.


Operational Member

Operational volunteers are those directly involved with fire and emergency medical service operations. Operational members not only respond to calls, but are also involved with our fundraisers and other station events. Various opportunities for fire and rescue training are available to those individuals who wish to become operational members who will respond to emergencies.

So, will you answer the call?

Want to learn more about Volunteering in Frederick County?

Check out Frederick County Fire & Rescue's Volunteering Page for more information!

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